Sometimes, working out diligently and eating the right foods still isn't enough for the most stubborn fat in our bodies. Are you tired of giving it your all and still not getting results? Then perhaps you should consider a cosmetic procedure that can give you the outcome that you most desire.

You've likely heard of liposuction, which can certainly provide the results that many people are looking for. If this procedure seems like overkill for what you need to look and feel your best, that's okay! You'll be happy to learn that other less invasive options could do the trick.

Vaser Liposculpting is a method of liposuction that targets specific areas of the body. It is classified as a minimally invasive procedure that can break up stubborn fat while smoothing the top layer of the skin. The result is a flawless and toned body that will enhance your appearance and increase your confidence. If you're interested in a procedure that has minimal downtime but still has fantastic results, then Vaser Liposculpting could be the solution you've been waiting on.

The Procedure

Traditional liposuction is known for its invasive approach, but Vaser Liposculpting is a more straightforward option. First, the target area is injected with a saline solution followed by a small probe that sends ultrasound energy to target the fat cells. The fat is then removed from the body via a small, thin tube known as a cannula. The most significant advantage of this method is that surrounding areas are left untouched, which means that there is less need for recovery time. Not to mention, results are likely to be more aligned with what the patient is looking for.

Benefits of Vaser Liposculpting

When it comes to choosing the right procedure for your goals, it may feel overwhelming to pick the one that is best for your needs. In order to narrow it down, it's essential to identify the benefits of a particular procedure. Vaser Liposculpting offers the following advantages:

  • The treatment is minimally invasive with less pain and a faster recovery time

  • Results can be obtained from a single visit

  • Targets stubborn fat while leaving other areas untouched

  • Less discomfort than other options

  • Refines muscle tone

  • Smooths skin

  • Can combat large amounts of fat

Candidates for Vaser Liposculpting

Vaser Liposculpting is an excellent option for individuals who are looking to create a more flattering silhouette and restore their confidence. People considering this procedure should be aware of who it serves the best. If you meet the following criteria, then Vaser Liposculpting may be the right solution for you:

  • Interested in target fat removal: People who benefit most from this treatment are those that have stubborn fat in specific areas of their body despite being at a healthy weight. However, because "healthy weight" can be somewhat arbitrary, it's important to have a skilled plastic surgeon evaluate you.

  • Have good skin elasticity: Skin elasticity plays a critical role in the success of Vaser Liposculpting. After all, during recovery, your skin elasticity will determine the best results. Once the fat is removed from the body, your skin's ability to shrink back down without sagging or drooping will be incredibly important.


Vaser Liposculpting is another solution for individuals who may be interested in target fat removal, but do not require the invasiveness of traditional liposuction. If you're tired of stubborn fat getting in your way of living your best life, then it's time to do something about it. For more information about this procedure or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to Miami Aesthetic in Miami, FL at 7865743770.