Tummy Tuck Revision

Tummy tucks or abdominoplasties are surgeries that are conducted to help give the stomach a slimmer and more defined appearance. A tummy tuck can often be completed after patients have experienced weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or just to improve an overall appearance. While the results of a tummy tuck can often be long-lasting, there are some issues that may arise over time that patients would like to correct.

A tummy tuck revision can remove excess skin and retighten the abdominal muscles that can restore a patient’s appearance and confidence. At Miami Aesthetic, we offer tummy tuck revision surgery to our patients to make sure that they get the appearance that they want and deserve. Call our offices to schedule a consultation today.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Revision

Many patients who initially had a tummy tuck were happy with their results. At Miami Aesthetic, we understand that life happens. We want to make sure that you feel great about the way you look. Some of the benefits our patients feel about tummy tuck revision surgery are:

  • Improve Unsatisfactory Results – Many patients weren’t completely happy with their initial results. It’s always important to find and review your surgeon’s results so that you know they can achieve the look that you want. If your initial tummy tuck didn’t completely meet your expectations, a tummy tuck revision could offer the finishing touches.

  • Address Life Changes – Patients who have had a tummy tuck aren’t expected to stop living their lives. At Miami Aesthetic, we understand that patients want to start families, gain weight, or the natural aging process can change our bodies. A tummy tuck revision surgery can help to restore the look that you deserve.

  • Increase Confidence – We have all found things that we would like to change about ourselves, but when those thoughts get in the way of doing things we enjoy, it’s time to consider a tummy tuck revision. Our goal is to make sure that you get the results that you want and restore your self-confidence and quality of life.

The Consultation

If you’re considering a tummy tuck revision, contact our offices today to schedule your consultation. If you already have your appointment, you may want to know what you can expect. Our medical staff will review your patient history. Make sure to have all of the pertinent information, including your family medical history so your doctor can completely evaluate your case.

In addition, if you are interested in a revision because you weren’t happy with the initial results, bring any information you have about your initial tummy tuck surgery. Be sure to discuss how your expectations differed from the results.

Once we have reviewed your medical history, a general exam is conducted to see if you are in good general health and so the surgeon can identify the appropriate areas that you would like to be corrected. It is during this time that it is critical for you to voice your expectations and listen to make sure that your wishes are realistic.

Once the surgeon has developed a plan with you, they will discuss the risks of the surgery and suggest any changes that you can make to decrease your healing time. You can also ask your surgeon about their history with tummy tuck and tummy tuck revision surgery and make sure that you ask any specific questions that you have. Our offices want to make sure that we get everything right for you and will do everything we can to make your dreams a reality.

If you still feel that a tummy tuck revision is a right choice for you, then it’s time to schedule your appointment! Our staff will work with you to make sure that the day of your operation and the appropriate healing time are planned in advance so that you can rest and heal following your operation.


Tummy tuck revision surgery is a great option for many of our patients who want to restore the definition and appearance of their midsection. If you think that you may benefit from a tummy tuck revision surgery, contact our offices today to schedule your consultation. At Miami Aesthetic in Miami, FL, we pride ourselves on making you look and feel how you deserve 7865743770!