A New Day

Romero Britto. 2005

Acrylic on canvas

From the collection of Miami Aesthetic

A New Day is a diptych (a series of two paintings) created exclusively for Miami Aesthetic by Romero Britto, showing the challenges and joys of a woman undergoing breast reconstruction after her victory over breast cancer.

Romero Britto is a world-renowned artist based in Miami Beach, Florida. He is a Brazilian neo-pop painter, serigrapher, and sculptor who combines elements of cubism, pop art, and graffiti painting in his work. Embraced by the international community, Britto paintings & sculptures are featured in more than one hundred galleries worldwide. He was commissioned to paint the New Day diptych as his vibrant, passionate, and optimistic style mirrors the practice philosophy of Miami Aesthetic.

Healing Power Of Art

The first image of the diptych illustrates a breast cancer patient who has received a right modified radical mastectomy. She is an elegant survivor whose inner strength has helped her overcome breast cancer. Despite the life-altering regimen of a mastectomy, physical therapy, and chemotherapy, she has retained her sense of self and femininity as symbolized by her necklace, lipstick, and her very stylish wig. She has a mastectomy scar on her right chest and wears a compression garment on her right arm to prevent lymphedema (arm swelling). She is a strong, feminine survivor. Like many women who have received a mastectomy, she chose to have breast reconstruction. She feels that it will help her clothes fit better and make her whole again. She reviewed all of her reconstructive options with Dr. Pazmiño and chose a breast reconstruction using her own abdominal tissue (TRAM flap breast reconstruction).

The second image of the diptych finds our patient celebrating on the beach after her breast reconstruction. Her arms are over her head as she does not suffer from lymphedema or a restriction of motion from her axillary surgery. Her beautiful hair has grown back after her chemotherapy and her breasts are whole and symmetric. Her bare midriff shows off her beautiful new belly. Her tummy tuck scar (the only evidence of where her new breast tissue came from) is peeking up just above her sarong. This has healed well and is well-hidden in the clothes (including bikinis!) that our patients can wear after surgery. The pink ribbons in the background symbolize her triumph over breast cancer. She is extremely happy with her reconstruction, feels whole again, and is now ready to enjoy the rest of her life.

At Miami Aesthetic, it is extremely fulfilling to help our reconstructive patients regain their function and become whole again. We are committed to helping you throughout your reconstructive journey and showing you how the rest of your life begins with A New Day.