Your Neck Lift Consultation and the Surgical Process

Excess fat in the chin can give rise to the look of a double chin, and excess skin can make your jawline look unnatural and aged. Additionally, the neck region is often neglected and left out of regular skincare, since people tend to focus on the face. As such, your face may be glowing and youthful, but your neck might be looking aged.

If you are experiencing these issues and more, a neck lift may be right for you. Getting a neck lift is a good option when you are dealing with problems such as harsh muscle bands on the neck, excess fat deposits around the jawline, and sagging aged skin.

A Neck Lift Consultation

The neck lift procedure starts with an informative and in-depth consultation. You will need to set this up with a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon in order to get optimal results from your procedure.

Your plastic surgeon will decide on whether you are the right candidate for a neck lift. During the consultation, the doctor will ask you about your health and if you are taking medicines and supplements of any kind. In particular, the doctor will want to know if you smoke, since smoking can damage skin and make the outcome less stable.

Your doctor will examine your facial features to determine how to carry out the procedure so as to guarantee the best outcomes. A neck lift procedure is a great way to ensure that the neck area has smooth contours and is wrinkle-free, helping you look younger. The doctor will ask you what you expect from the surgery and inform you whether the surgery can offer the desired results.

You will be informed about expected downtime and what sort of precautions you will need to take before and after surgery. You will be asked to discontinue or replace medications if needed and to stop using supplements before surgery. Smokers will be asked if they can quit the habit before surgery. You will also be informed about the incisions that will be used during your procedure, along with the anesthesia that will be administered.

What To Expect From The Procedure

Under capable hands, the neck lift is a safe procedure that does not carry many potential side effects. It is performed under local or general anesthesia.

The incisions are made behind the ears and under the hairline to camouflage any post-surgical marks. The extent of incision depends on the number of procedures needed to achieve the best results.

Once the incisions have been created, the surgeon will remove excess fat deposits and tighten the platysma muscles. The skin will be pulled taut over the facial frame, and excess skin will be removed. To finish the procedure, the incisions are closed using surgical sutures.

Recovery will involve the use of support bandages as well as medications for swelling and bruising when needed. Follow your plastic surgeon’s post-surgical recovery directions as closely as possible to minimize complications.

Make An Appointment For A Consultation

Dr. Pat Pazmiño, a well-respected board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients, will be happy to tell you more about the neck lift procedure as part of your consultation. To arrange your consultation, contact our office.