What to Expect from a Liquid Facelift

Millions of Americans consider getting a facelift every single day. The effects can be drastic to help you reduce the signs of aging, skin damage, or other conditions that affect the skin. There are many different approaches to facelifts that you may know about. One of the most effective and least invasive procedures is called a liquid facelift.

At Miami Aesthetic, we offer liquid facelifts as one of many approaches to helping you achieve the body and look that you want and deserve. Call today to schedule your consultation and see the difference that we can make in your life.

Understanding Liquid Facelifts

Liquid facelifts are a particular class of procedures that utilizes dermal fillers to help increase the volume and fullness of your skin while also reducing age lines and sagging skin. These procedures can generally be completed in under an hour and do not require any incisions or general anesthesia. This means that you can have the entire procedure completed on your lunch break and return to work right after your appointment!

There are a variety of different dermal fillers that can be used. It is essential to meet with us to discuss the specific type of filler that we recommend and why we choose that approach. When you arrive for your appointment, we will review the procedure and areas that we are targeting. We can then discuss what you should expect.

Once everybody understands and agrees with the approach, we can complete the procedure. Liquid facelifts require the injection of dermal fillers with a syringe. The needles are near painless, and many of the dermal fillers also have a local anesthetic that will numb the application area. Once the procedure is complete, you can leave the office.

Patients are not put to sleep and are not given any medication that affects their ability to drive, so you do not have to schedule a friend or family member to come with you to the appointment.

How Liquid Facelifts Work

As we age, the components in our skin that help to keep our skin young and vibrant may decrease in their production. Typically, collagen and elastin, the connective tissues in your skin, begin to break down and lose their effectiveness. As this happens, the skin can appear to sag, or lines can appear in areas like your face, neck, and hands. Dermal fillers typically do two things. They increase the available collagen in your skin, which restores a youthful appearance. Fillers also fill the space that can be left as the connective tissue has broken down. This adds volume and fullness to your skin that can eliminate the signs of aging.

Liquid facelifts are not permanent procedures. Depending on the type of filler that you select, you can expect your results to last anywhere from six months to three years. Of course, this will be discussed with you in advance of your procedure.

Potential Side Effects

Liquid facelifts are generally much safer than traditional surgical approaches. A liquid facelift approach does not require any incisions. The elimination of incisions reduces the potential of infection or damage to critical nerves in your body.

Some patients do have some side effects as a result of their liquid facelift. The most common type of side effect is redness, mild swelling, or irritation at the treatment site. There have been some infections associated with needle injection sites. Also, if you have the herpes simplex virus, dermal fillers can cause flare-ups, so it is essential to discuss this with your surgeon in advance.


Liquid facelifts are one of the safest and most effective treatments to help give you the youthful appearance you want. Call Miami Aesthetic in Miami, FL today and see how Dr. Pat Pazmino can help you today!