What are Collagen Injections?

For decades, collagen injections have been used to treat facial skin imperfections. They’re effective for treating acne scars, crow’s feet, creases, wrinkles, and laugh lines.

Collagen can be used to add fullness to your cheeks and lips. It’s not uncommon for the injections to be combined with other cosmetic procedures for optimal results.

What Is Collagen?

A lot of people don’t realize that collagen is naturally found in the tendons, skin, cartilage, and bone. In fact, the human body has 27 types of collagens. Some of these compounds are designed to give your skin better elasticity and strength while others are made for different purposes.

Unfortunately, collagen breaks down over time, which causes your skin to lose its youthful appearance. When there isn’t enough collagen in the body, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Collagen injections can be used to fight the effects of aging, and since collagen is naturally found in the body, the injections produce almost no side effects.

Are You A Candidate?

Ideally, a candidate for collagen injections wants to minimize the effects of aging and has frown and smile lines. Collagen can also be an effective treatment for thinning lips, and it’s effective for improving the appearance of the areas around the forehead and mouth. Unlike many alternative treatments, collagen doesn’t require surgery, so it’s preferred by people who are afraid of surgery.

How Collagen Injections Work

The goal of the injections is to replenish the natural collagen within your skin. Collagen is very effective at creating a support structure for your skin, so the injections can enhance the contours of your skin.

What To Expect With Collagen Injections

If you’re thinking about getting collagen injections, you should know what to expect. During your consultation, we can discuss all of the details. It’s not uncommon for patients to require multiple treatment sessions. The number of treatments that you’ll need is dependent on the specific product that is used for the injections, amongst other factors.

Like your own natural collagen, the injectable products will lose form, and over time, they’re absorbed by the body. To maintain an optimal smoothing effect, you might need multiple treatments per year.

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