Reasons to Get a Belly Button Repair

Belly button repair is a minor cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance and, sometimes, improves the function of the belly button. Birth defects, piercings, scarring, pregnancy, and other causes can change the position, shape, or size of the navel.

This may make a person desire a new belly button look to boost the general appearance of their abdominal area. Cosmetic surgical procedures on the navel can be carried out for various medical and cosmetic reasons, including:

To Fix Damage from Previous Belly Surgeries

Abdominal surgeries can cause you to develop scars or wrinkles around your navel. If that is the case for you, you may feel that your navel needs some love. Fortunately, a repair surgery can help get rid of the unsightly scars and excess wrinkles.

To Treat a Hernia

A hernia happens when a section of the fatty tissue around the tummy spills out through a weak area in the navel. This happens because of the feebleness in the muscles in or around the belly button. That said, this type of hernia occurs mostly in women during and after pregnancy, as well as in overweight people. If not treated, the hernia is likely to grow bigger and cause further discomfort.

To Reshape the Navel

A person can also have a belly button repair to reshape their navel. Pregnancy or a dramatic loss of weight can change the shape of the navel. Therefore, if you have experienced pregnancy, weight loss, or weight gain, causing alterations to the shape of your navel, a belly button repair might be necessary.

As part of a Lower Body Lift or Tummy Tuck Procedure

While navel surgery alone can be done on its own, it can also be performed as part of a tummy tuck surgery. This way, surgeons can change the shape, size, and location of the navel while strengthening the stomach walls. Also, surgeons can combine the procedure with liposuction, or lower body lifts to improve body curves.

To Correct Issues Caused by Piercings

Many people do not develop any complications after piercing their bellies, but issues with infections, tearing, and keloids may arise. If you experience any of these signs, it is best to seek treatment. Part of that treatment may include correction surgery if your belly button looks distorted after treatment. There is no reason to lose your confidence over an issue that surgeons can correct and give you the look you desire.

To Transform a Protruding (“Outie”) or Inverted Belly Button

Largely, a person’s genes decide the shape and appearance of their navel at birth. However, clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord after birth may cause a tiny growth of tissue, “outie,” to form in the navel. Usually, an outie is only a cosmetic concern for some and not a medical one. That said, other than a belly button repair, there is little one can do to fix an unsightly navel.

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