Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Losing a tremendous amount of weight is undeniably a life-changing achievement. It is a massive step toward a healthier and more active life. But, the excess, sagging skin from your massive weight loss can present another hurdle. This new challenge can prevent you from thoroughly enjoying the benefits of your accomplishment.

Top Five Plastic Surgery Procedures

The kind of plastic surgery needed after significant weight loss generally depends on the patient. Here are the five most common plastic surgery procedures according to popularity:

  1. Abdomen. A tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty flattens your abdomen by eliminating extra fat and skin and tightening your abdominal wall muscles. A complete abdominoplasty involves a cosmetic surgeon cutting your abdomen from hipbone to hipbone.

  2. Breasts. Dramatic weight loss can also have an impact on a person’s breast size. A breast lift with implants can help address the significant flattening and sagging of one’s breasts. The breast lift can tighten the loose and stretched skin. On the other hand, the implants will restore the shape and fullness of your breasts.

  3. Buttocks. Another successful plastic surgical procedure today for people who have massive weight loss is buttock contouring and augmentation. Fat transfer and silicone buttock implants are excellent options for people with sufficient fat and little to no skin drooping. But, you could be a candidate for buttock contouring with augmentation if you have massive skin laxity or drooping and poor buttock shape.

  4. Face and Neck. A facelift is generally associated with anti-aging treatments. However, significant weight loss can also lead to people losing extra fat and volume from the area around their face and neck. A facelift could be a suitable plastic surgery option for patients who lost more than 100 pounds and have enough excess skin around their face and neck.

  5. Upper Arms. It’s common for people who lost a lot of weight to have bat wings or flaps of loose skin hanging from under their arms. An arm lift or Brachioplasty can help rectify these excess bags in your upper arms. Here, your surgeon gets rid of fat and excess, sagging skin spanning from your elbow to your armpit, thus creating a better contour.


Are You a Suitable Candidate for Skin Removal Surgery?

Your cosmetic surgeon has to consider several factors to determine if you are eligible for plastic surgery after massive weight loss. It’s crucial that you reach your weight goal and that you have been able to keep your weight stable for at least six months to be the right candidate for a skin removal procedure. Equally important is that you are in good general health. This is essential for your safety as certain medical conditions can increase risks during surgery and impact your recovery process.

While plastic surgery can significantly improve your appearance, it will not give you a perfect body. So, it’s essential to have realistic expectations about the procedures you will go through. It’s not uncommon to have visible scars when wearing swimsuits or specific garments. Finally, expect that you will have to take a few weeks off to heal completely.

Are you looking for ways to remove excess skin? It’s about time you start enjoying the freedom to wear better-fitting clothes and go back to the activities you used to participate in. At Miami Aesthetic, we can help restore your beautiful body contour. Call our clinic in Miami, Florida, today to make an appointment.