If You’re Unhappy with Your Tummy-Tuck Results, Revision Might Be Right for You

Tummy-tuck surgeries can be extremely beneficial. They slim down the tummy, tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall, and remove excess skin and fat to enhance body contours.

However, in some cases, patients are unhappy with the results of their tummy tuck. Have you undergone a tummy tuck and are unsatisfied with the results? Here are a few reasons why a tummy-tuck revision might be the perfect solution.

Reasons For Tummy-Tuck Revision

Extra Fat – Sometimes during the original tummy tuck, the degree of liposuction performed might not be sufficient to achieve your aesthetic goals. This is one of the simplest issues to rectify because the revision surgery only requires liposuction to be performed.

Scarring – If you have a scar that hasn’t healed well, most likely due to the surgeon not closing the wound effectively, a host of procedures can be used to reduce its appearance. The proper choice hinges on the type of scar it is and how loose or tight your skin is in the area around it. A scar that was made too high above the waistband of your pants or swimwear can also be addressed.

Pseudobursa – When a couple of layers of scar tissue are disconnected by fluid, the end result is a bulge or bump just above the incision line of the tummy tuck. Through a revision, this formation can be flattened out.

Excess Skin – After a tummy tuck, you may have excess skin in the abdominal area that could have actually been trimmed down further. A tummy-tuck revision can correct this so that you are more pleased with the outcome.

Bellybutton Appearance – You may be unhappy with the way your belly button looks after a tummy tuck. For example, it could be slightly disfigured or there might be some scarring that detracts from the overall look of your abdomen. In such cases, an abdominoplasty revision can rectify and enhance the belly button to provide a more attractive look.

Post-Operative Changes – Though the effects of a tummy tuck are meant to be long-lasting, sometimes certain events like pregnancy, aging, or weight gain can cause the abdominal muscles to expand and the skin to droop. A tummy-tuck revision can correct all that and restore attractive body contours. The abdominal muscles can be tightened and the extra skin can be removed to create appealing results.

Recovery After Revision Surgery

Since revisions are customized to suit individual preferences and needs, the recovery period depends on several criteria. These include the incision length, the amount of correction required, and the patient’s age and overall fitness.

Generally, the downtime after a tummy-tuck revision is very similar to the recovery time frame for the original procedure. It is extremely vital that you get sufficient rest during the recovery phase. Doctors typically prescribe pain medication to help you deal with the pain and discomfort, and you will be required to follow strict guidelines.

Usually, by the end of the first week, most patients recover sufficiently and are back at work. However, you must completely avoid any heavy lifting and other physically taxing work.

By the second week, the post-surgical swelling will reduce and the bruising will start to fade. You can also opt to undergo post-procedural massages if your physician recommends them to you.

Patients are usually fit to completely return to their schedules, including resuming their exercise regimen, anywhere from week four to week six.

After six months, the swelling and bruising should have completely subsided, revealing body contours that you are absolutely satisfied with.

Ready For Revision?

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