How to Prepare for My Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you looking for that perfect hourglass shape? Have you tried exercise and diet and just cannot get there yet? If so, the Brazilian but lift may be something you can try to achieve your body goals. It is becoming a standard procedure for women who want the perfect body. This is due to the increasing appeal of a more voluptuous and curvier butt. Celebrities who have gone through this procedure have also made it popular.

A licensed plastic surgeon at Miami Aesthetic performs a Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon will encourage you to explore various body contouring options. If you decide on the Brazilian butt lift, there are some things you need to do to prepare for the procedure.


What Is Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery?


While many women may rely on healthy diets and exercise to give them that perfect body, cosmetic surgery is sometimes needed. It is especially true when it comes to attaining the ideal butt. BBL surgery, also known as fat transfer, uses a patient’s unwanted fat to add fullness to the butt. Usually, it is a two-step process that utilizes liposuction and the injection of fat.

The surgeon removes the excess fat from other body parts through liposuction. They then inject the harvested fat into the butt by grafting through incisions. The surgeon will utilize special massaging techniques to help the fat settle in. This combination of processes contours the butt to the desired shape.


How to Prepare




Usually, BBL surgery is an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The nurse may ask you to wait in a waiting area when the process is complete.

You will then need to go to your designated driver. Because of the effect of the medication, it is not a good idea to drive home by yourself. It would be best if you had a friend or family member drive you home. It is also advisable to have someone stay with you for a few days while you recover.


What to Wear

The surgeon will probably tell you what to wear during the surgery day. There are some things they will ask you to avoid, such as:

  • Hair products

  • Deodorant

  • Makeup

  • Piercings and jewelry

  • Lotion or sunscreen

  • Perfume

You should wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to put on and take off. You will also need to use antibacterial soap. It will reduce the chances of infection.


Drink and Food

Most commonly, you should not eat anything starting from midnight on the eve of your surgery. Food and drinks in your body system do not work out well with anesthesia. If you have food in the body, you might suffer from aspiration or nausea.

If you make the mistake of eating before your procedure, you should let your surgeon know. Safety is an essential factor to keep as a priority. The surgeon will probably postpone the procedure for after.



Drugs and medication that thin your blood should be avoided. Blood thinners may cause excessive bleeding during the procedure. These will include:

  • Warfarin

  • Aspirin

  • Garlic supplements

  • Fish oil supplements

  • Clopidogrel

  • Ibuprofen

  • Vitamin E supplements

  • Ximelagatran


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