Getting a Facelift With Fat Grafting

Getting a Facelift With Fat Grafting

According to most people, sagging skin and wrinkling are the most significant signs of aging. Facial volume loss is one of the major causes of these problems. The loss of facial volume will accentuate the bony contours of your temples and make your cheeks look less full and flatter. Genetic factors determine facial definition and contour. This is why certain people have prominent cheekbones and chins and others have softer features and a rounder face.


Fat Grafting


Whether the issue stems from facial structure or aging, there are ways to increase our facial volume. You can improve the look of your face using dermal fillers, facial implants, or facial fat transfer. Known as fat grafting, facial fat transfer is a minimally invasive and natural surgical procedure. It involves transferring fat from other areas of the body to the face to restore lost volume.

The surgeon will remove fat using modern liposuction techniques and inject it into your face. This will produce a natural look with little risk of rejection or infection. Areas of treatment include the area between the nose and lips, between the chin and lips, under the eyes, cheeks, and sagging jaws.

If you want to improve your facial volume and contours to get a more prominent chin or cheekbones, this is the best option for you. The surgeon will inject fat into areas in your face that need augmentation. He or she can also combine the procedure with other facial augmentation surgeries to achieve overall balance.


Benefits of Fat Grafting With Facelift Surgery


Nowadays, many cosmetic surgeons are using fat grafting as part of their facelift surgery approach. One of the most common face augmentation procedures is the facelift. It has been helping people all over the world achieve a more youthful look and reduce signs of aging. Fat grafting is very effective at improving the results of a facelift.

The aging process involves sagging of the facial tissues, as well as the loss of fatty volume. This loss of volume is most noticeable in the bony orbital rim area and upper cheeks. Restoring volume in these areas can enhance the overall appearance of the face.

The process of fat grafting is a straightforward concept; however, it is also delicate. The cosmetic surgeon will harvest fat from other parts of your body, such as the thighs or tummy. He or she will then process, concentrate, and inject it into areas of your face that need more volume. Some of the injected fat will reabsorb, but about 60 percent of it will survive and stay put.


Candidates for a Facelift With Fat Grafting


Cosmetic surgeons can theoretically add fat grafting to any facelift procedure. However, if you are considering getting a facelift, you may not need a fat transfer. You may also maintain most of your facial fatty volume as you age. In this case, you simply require elevation of the soft tissue and skin with no fat transfer. Before going for a fat grafting procedure, you need to talk to a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon.


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