Excess Skin and Fat Bringing You Down? Consider a Body Lift!

The skin is the largest organ, and it often forgives many offenses over the course of our lives. However, it does not always bounce back once it has been stretched out. To make matters worse, excess fat can accumulate in the same area, leading to a less-than-desirable figure. If you are in this situation, whether it be in your flanks, abdomen, or thighs, consider a body lift procedure.

Understanding A Body Lift

A body lift procedure is designed to remove excess skin and some fat. Liposuction will likely be used to get rid of the excess fat. This procedure can help restore normal shape and function for those who need it, and it’s generally well-tolerated. Exactly what takes place during the surgery is determined by the individual and our experienced surgeon, but the overall goal is to trim the person’s skin to fit them once more and remove any stubborn fat deposits.

Who Could Benefit From A Body Lift?

There are generally two groups of people who may need a body lift: people of any gender who have lost a lot of weight and women who have gone through pregnancy. For both sets of people, their bodies have gained a large amount of weight in the past. This has stretched the skin beyond its ability to snap back into place and, in some cases, added fat deposits that impede normal exercise and movement. Once the weight was lost, the excess skin can hang down, pulling painfully against the spine, chafing against clothing, acquiring yeast growth in the folds, making the person extremely uncomfortable, and negatively affecting the silhouette. No amount of careful dieting and exercise will solve these problems, making a body lift both a cosmetic and practical consideration.

A One-Of-A-Kind Procedure

A body lift is tailored to the individual’s needs. Everyone carries weight and stores fat in different ways, making the surgical sites and overall approach different. For example, a woman who gave birth to quadruplets may have kept her svelte thighs and backside, yet stretched her stomach and breasts beyond what nature can repair. Meanwhile, another mother of quads may have minimal stretch marks on her stomach, but “saddlebag” thighs and excess skin hanging from her hips in uncomfortable “love handles.” We are all different, and our surgeon will tailor your procedure to meet your specific needs.

If you have lost a significant amount of weight and are left with excess skin and fat deposits, a body lift may be just what you need to feel and look better. Schedule an appointment at MIAMI AESTHETIC in Miami to learn more about how this procedure can benefit you. Contact us today to book your consultation.