Difference Between a BBL and an Ultra BBL

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a procedure for transferring fat in order to augment the shape and size of the buttocks. The procedure does not use implants but utilizes fat harvested from other parts of the body. 

Excess fat is removed from the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs through the process of liposuction. The fat is then skillfully injected into the butt, adding more shape and volume. A cosmetic surgeon can help enhance the lower body using BBL surgery. The results of a BBL can last many years. 

Regular Brazilian Butt Lift

A BBL is a popular surgical procedure that helps enhance the butt. The surgeon uses fat from the patient’s body to augment the butt. The result is a shapely and fuller backside. Apart from enhancing the buttocks, the procedure will include the removal of fat from other areas where it is unwanted. 

The surgeon will remove extra fat from the thighs, abdomen, or hips. After the procedure, the patient will end up with a body that is slimmer and more sculpted. A BBL gives the patient beautiful and natural-looking results.

Ultra-Brazilian Butt Lift 

Ultra BBL is a procedure that involves the use of an ultrasound probe to identify tissue layers in real-time. A blunted cannula is used in the butt area, scanning simultaneously. When the fat injection begins, ultrasound images are projected onto a screen. 

The wireless technology allows the surgeon to see where the cannula is, providing a precise way to avoid injuring vessels. The procedure helps reduce the risk of complications associated with BBL surgery.

The Difference in the Procedures

During the BBL procedure, the surgeon will begin by extracting fat from a separate part of the patient’s body. The fat is then purified and refined to allow smooth incorporation into the patient’s body tissues. After the fat has been refined, it is re-injected strategically into the butt through various parts. 

The difference between a BBL and Ultra BBL is in the use of ultrasound technology. With Ultra BBL, the surgeon can monitor the cannula level and see what is going on in the area. This helps ensure that the injection site is safely above the muscle.

Reasons to Get an Ultra BBL

The shape and size of an individual’s buttocks are determined largely by genetics. How the body stores fat and the skeletal structure affect the appearance of the lower body. Exercise and a good diet can help in toning the muscles and attaining healthy body weight. 

However, changing the shape of the buttocks is more difficult. The “flat” shape can persist despite a healthy lifestyle. The surgery can help overcome genetics by re-shaping the butt, giving patients their ideal shape.

After BBL Procedure

Following BBL surgery, patients need to wear a compression garment to aid the healing process. They must also avoid sitting on their butt for a few weeks. Full recovery from the swelling, bruising, pain, and soreness usually takes about two months. The recovery will differ from one patient to the next depending on different factors. Most patients can return to work two weeks after the surgery. 

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