Brazilian Butt Lift: 7 Things You Need to Know

More people are signing up for the Brazilian butt lift, thanks to reality show stars and other celebrities who have gone through the procedure. The numbers have risen steadily from 8,500 in 2012 to approximately 20,000 in 2017 and much higher in 2022.


It is a two-step plastic surgical procedure involving the transfer of fat from one region of the body to augment the buttock region. This fat can come from the stomach, thighs, flanks, or back.


Like any other surgical procedure, the Brazilian butt lift needs special attention and specialized physicians to help you achieve your desired look. Here are seven things you need to know about the BBL.


It Will Give You the Shape and Volume You Want


BBL can increase the size of your buttock or work on its shape. People have different preferences in the shape and size they want. One may want fullness at the bottom of the buttock or broader hips; either way, the surgeon can do them to their satisfaction.


Initial Recovery Takes Approximately a Week


Like any other surgical procedure, a BBL needs time to heal. Doctors recommend an initial recovery time of five days. This can involve rest with little movement, just a walk around the house, and not doing anything strenuous.


The Healing Process Requires Special Attention


Because of the nature of the procedure, you need to pay special attention to the healing process. Items like compression garments are vital during this phase. You should wear them every day, throughout the day for at least a month or as much as possible except while showering. You should also wear them at night to help reduce the swelling.


Expect the Final Results in Six Months


While the patients will see immediate results in their bodies after the surgery, the results keep changing and evolving. The evolution of results happens because of the gradual healing process of the specific areas. The skin keeps tightening and healing, and the swelling keeps reducing, hence the changes. The doctors recommend three to six months for a patient to experience the final outcome of the procedure.


It Can Be Risky


Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks involved in a BBL. With it being a two-procedure operation, complications may occur during the fat transfer. This is the reason you should always go to a professional with the qualifications and reputation of doing the procedure.


You Must Be the Ideal Candidate


Doctors recommend patients who want to undergo BBL be in their ideal weight range and be a nonsmoker. Doctors must ensure the patient is healthy enough to combat the challenges that come with the procedure since it has risks just like other surgical procedures. A healthy patient close to their ideal body weight reports a high chance of positive recovery.


It Can Be Addictive


Like many corrective procedures, plastic surgery can lead to addiction. Many people get under the knife for corrective procedures more often after the first time. With the BBL procedure, only 60 percent of the transferred fat remains in position. The body usually absorbs the other 40 percent, hence the increase in the number of patients lining up for follow-up BBL procedures. 


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