Benefits of VASER® Liposculpting

Liposuction is a procedure that works by removing fat deposits under the skin. VASERlipo® (VASER - Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is a liposuction technology based on highly-controlled sound waves. It works by breaking apart the fat cells, loosening them from the deeper tissues. 

VASERlipo provides a controlled, gentle procedure, an effective way to remove stubborn fat. Here are the benefits of VASER® liposculpting.


Less Invasive Procedure

VASER uses an ultrasound probe that releases controlled heat. It melts fat cells, making them leave the body. This procedure is gentler than the traditional liposuction that manually breaks up fat and suctions it out. 

VASER is effective in reducing trauma and the risk of blood vessel damage. Patients experience reduced bruising, blood loss, and inflammation for faster recovery. VASER is less invasive and presents a lower risk of surgical complications. 


Effective in Fibrous Areas 

Fibrous tissue can be hard to break up using traditional liposuction techniques. VASERlipo is beneficial for treating fibrous areas. Areas such as love handles tend to have more fibrous tissue. 

VASER at Miami Aesthetic removes fat effectively. Men find the procedure very beneficial for their bodies as it can produce more definition around the muscles. It is more selective and precise in fat removal, resulting in a natural look.


Comprehensive Fat Removal

VASERlipo removes fat deposits from the superficial and deep layers. It is unlike traditional liposuction that only targets the deep layers. Removing fat from the superficial layers creates a more sculpted body. The procedure can get rid of the bumpy or uneven body appearance. 


Promotes Skin Tightening 

VASER liposculpting removes excess fat while tightening the skin. This effect comes naturally with the procedure. The heat it generates helps contract the collagen fibers. The result is less sagging and dimpling of the skin after the fat removal. After the VASER procedure, you’ll have less risk of developing cellulite or an irregular contour. People who have thin or sagging skin can benefit from VASER liposculpting at Miami Aesthetic.  


Preserving Healthy Fat

During traditional liposuction, the fat removed from the body is destroyed. VASERlipo preserves the healthy fat removed during the procedure. The fat can be utilized in other areas of the body, including the buttocks and breasts. With VASERlipo and fat transfer, you can get complete body contouring in the same procedure. 


Improving Insulin Sensitivity


Another benefit of VASERlipo is improving insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin sensitivity describes how cells respond in the body. VASER procedure can help improve diabetes control, resulting in reduced fat. The procedure helps you achieve better overall health. 

VASERlipo can take between one to several hours. The duration will depend on the treatment areas. The procedure will help you achieve smoother results. A skilled and experienced practitioner performs the procedure. 

Liposculpting is not a weight loss procedure, but it helps improve the body structure by removing stubborn fat deposits. The procedure sculpts the body by revealing the muscle tone. 

To find out more on the benefits of VASER liposculpting, visit Miami Aesthetic at our office in Miami, Florida. You can call 786-574-3770 today to schedule an appointment.