Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Some women with large breasts suffer a range of emotional and physical challenges. To deal with them, some opt for breast reduction. However, other women do it for cosmetic reasons. Breast reduction involves an invasive surgery that reshapes and reduces the size of breasts.

Reasons for Breast Reduction

Having large breasts is not the only reason for opting for a reduction. There are several issues that some women with large breasts endure. Some experience problems associated with falling or staying asleep.

Large breasts are heavy and add strain to their backs, shoulders, and neck. They experience issues breathing even when they are lying on their backs. Due to the gravitational pull on the breasts, they experience a tingling feeling around them.

Apart from physical issues, ladies with large breasts have problems with clothing. The weight of the breasts makes the bra straps dig into the skin on their shoulders. In addition to this, it is difficult for these ladies to find fitting clothes and undergarments.

Breast Reduction Candidates

Several factors ensure that you qualify for breast reduction surgery. To be a candidate for the surgery, you must be generally healthy. You must also not be a tobacco smoker. Your breasts must be too large to the extent that they cause problems.

The issues can be emotional or affect your daily life one way or another. This surgery can hamper breastfeeding. For this reason, you must not be pregnant or planning to be eligible for the procedure.

Preparation for Breast Reduction Surgery

Before you go for surgery, your doctor will insist that you be in good physical shape. This is to make sure that your body heals well after the procedure. Your home must also have basic medical supplies to help with post-surgical wounds.

These must include clean washcloths, towels, and gauze. Your doctor may also advise that you get special creams or ointments according to their recommendation. Also, keep in stock some loose, comfortable shirts and plenty of ice.

As a precaution, plan for someone who will pick you from the hospital after the surgery. If possible, that person can stay with you for one or more days once you get home.

What to Expect

The breast reduction procedure lasts between three to four hours. The surgeons will remove glandular tissue, breast fat, and skin. This reduces your breast size and assuages the symptoms that cause you discomfort and pain.

The doctors will dress your breasts with bandages after the procedure. They will also place a tube under each of your arms to drain excess fluid or blood. During the surgery, you will be put to sleep using a general anesthetic. Your surgeon may recommend an overnight stay at the hospital.


Recovery from breast reduction surgery takes some time. You may receive a prescription of pain meds for you to take in the few days after the surgery. You will have to wear a special bra for a while until your doctor says otherwise.

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