A Mini Abdominoplasty Makes Your Lower Abdomen Look Trimmer

In people with difficult body types, dieting and regular exercise often do not yield the perfect results. Added to this, the time and self-discipline required for such traditional approaches are incredibly high for people with excessive belly fat.

Tummy tucks are a common surgical procedure that is used to achieve a toned and contoured abdomen. Abdominoplasty works on all body types and can help patients achieve a perfectly contoured belly.

Patients who wish to undergo abdominoplasty must realize that it is not a surgical procedure for losing weight. Instead, it is primarily designed to specifically shape the abdomen according to the patient’s preferences. This helps them achieve better proportions and curves.

Abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess fat and skin, along with the tightening of drooping abdominal muscles. While minor liposuction is often combined with abdominoplasty in patients with unmanageable pockets of fat, the process of abdominoplasty is usually meant for otherwise fit and healthy patients.

A Mini Abdominoplasty: The Perfect Option

A mini-abdominoplasty is done on people who only have aesthetic issues with their lower abdomen. The operation is less invasive and mainly focuses on the fat present below the navel. Unlike traditional abdominoplasty, partial abdominoplasty does not involve any change in the position of the navel, since the incision is made below the navel.

The entire procedure is shorter than a traditional abdominoplasty and takes about one to two hours in total. Once the incision is made under the navel, localized fat pockets are carefully removed. The muscles are then tightened around the area to give a proper shape.

Once the fat removal and muscle adjustments are finished, the skin is pulled up and stitched, making the area tighter and firmer than before. Excess drooping skin is also removed. Tubes may be placed in order to drain excess fluid, preventing buildup and post-surgical complications.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process for a mini-abdominoplasty is shorter than that of a full tummy tuck. The first few weeks of recovery are crucial for the quality of the results. It is strictly advised to avoid any kind of heavy lifting or strenuous physical activities for at least two weeks. The exact period of recovery depends on the patient and the extent of tissue removal.

The results of the mini tummy tuck are visible almost immediately and show a significant improvement in the overall contours. Full results will be visible after post-surgical swelling has ameliorated. It will be vital that patients continue to diet and exercise after recovery in order to maintain a fit and healthy figure.

Perfect Candidates For The Procedure

Candidates who have hard-to-lose fat deposits, excess skin, and sagging muscles in the lower abdomen are the ideal candidates for this procedure. Partial tummy tucks can easily help them attain a better figure.

Patients who suffer from pre-existing physical conditions or illnesses are not ideal. The procedure requires a healthy body in order to ensure that recovery and the overall procedure carry a low chance of complications. Partial abdominoplasty is best for people who are not obese since it is not designed for larger-scale correction.

Your Consultation

Your mini-abdominoplasty consultation is a necessary first step to getting the abdomen you’ve been hoping for. Dr. Pat Pazmiño, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, will be happy to help. Arrange a consultation by contacting us today.